Safety and Security Tips

Thanks so much for joining us tonight. We had an amazing live show for you and are so grateful that you choose to shop small business with Just Believe Boutique.
We believe in you and appreciate your trust in us. Unfortunately, someone malicious chose to join our show this week and last week. A number of our customers received a private message from the spammers. ❤
They made a fake duplicate page with a variation of our business page, many of our pictures and sent out private messages on Facebook messenger telling people they won a prize and needed to give them their card info. If you received one of these messages please disregard, report or cancel your card if you gave them the info. 🎭 😒
This kind of thing happens all the time to bigger businesses and banks. Fraudulent individuals like to pretend to be legitimate businesses. So, we want to reassure you by giving you a few tips on how to recognize us online:
1. ✅Our business is VERIFIED by Facebook 
2. ✅We use SSL and have security protocols setup on our website to protect you. It’s safe to shop directly from our live shows or by going directly to 
3. ✅Always check WHO is messaging you. The spammers used multiple misspelling including in our name. 

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