Madison Medley, Rebecca Sexton, Hannah Medley, Oanya Jennings, Ashley Duvall. About us.

Hi! I’m Oanya Jennings, owner of Just Believe Boutique. I’m so happy you found us!

A sneak peek about me and our story: I have an amazing husband, five kids, two dogs, and I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I was born and raised in North Carolina and later moved to Virginia, where we are now. I love people and building relationships, and I love unique fashion! 

I started this business in my basement in 2016 together with my amazing niece, who came up with our store name. Our two families spent several tough years learning exactly what “Just Believing” really meant as we lost a handful of incredible, strong, and compassionate women in our lives. In 2018 I saw a need for more stores in our local downtown area, so we didn’t have to drive hours to shop. So I opened our Brick & Mortar store in Downtown Marion, VA! 

To date, I am proud to have served over 4,500 customers both online and in-store. I love getting to see ladies have a huge boost of confidence when trying on outfits or having fun just chatting and paring things together, finding styles for special occasions, and developing lifelong friendships. It’s so much more than just clothing.

That’s why I hope you become a part of our Just Believe Boutique family! 

Fashion changes constantly, and I hope you will give our team and me at JBB a chance to share and pair up something fabulous that you will love. 

Thank you for being here and to all of our fabulous customers out there!

Xoxo, Oanya


Hannah Medley

Hannah Medley

Is a volleyball coach & worship leader. Twin sister to Madison. Loves Maverick City Music, shopping, cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats and walking outdoors!

Fav Bible verse: John 1:16

Madison Medley

Madison Medley

Hey, y’all & welcome to JBB! Here at JBB, I can usually be found in the storefront styling customers or live on Facebook helping ladies find something that they feel beautiful and confident in with my twin sister.

Fun facts about Madison: My favorite TV show is The Golden Girls & I secretly feel like I am Dorothy! , I collect vinyl records    , & I am a huge Kentucky wildcats fan !

Fav Bible verse: Jeremiah 17:7

Ashley Duvall

Ashley Duvall

Hey everyone, I’m Ashley! I’m a mom of two beautiful babies Hazel Bell and D.J. And I not only work at Just Believe Boutique, but I am also a medical OB Sonographer! I love being apart of JBB to stay on top of the ever changing styles in the fashion world! My style is more simple and comfortable, since we are always on the go! I love boho everything, I am a hippie at heart! ✌️
Fun fact, I’m Oanya’s niece! 💜

Rebecca Sexton

Rebecca Sexton

I stay busy with my family life (2 grown and 2 still home) I am a nurse but my passion is fashion and helping ladies find the perfect piece that makes them feel beautiful. Part time batista, love to be outdoors, gardening or hiking. Love being creative.

Chana King, Part Time

Chana King - Part time

Hi everyone, I’m Chana! A fun fact about me is I love to travel. My parents have always taken me on so many fun trips, so traveling has always been something I love to do! I also enjoy going on walks with my dog and playing tennis! I love working at the boutique because I
get to meet new people and make new friends.

Kelsey Grubb - Part time

Misti Greer - Part time